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【9/12(Sat) 10:00-11:30】 120% satisfying, hearty staple American dish HASH POTATOES

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※Order deadine: September 11 (Friday)15:00 JST ※This lesson will be conducted in English ※Includes English recipe ※Includes the ingredients list, necessary kitchen tools and English words list for the lesson 【Food Introduction】 Hash is a dish made with minced meat, potatoes and fried onions. The name comes from the French word "hacher". This dish started as a way to use up leftovers. It is a classic and easy dish from the United States. 【Chef Profile】 - Name:Will Raheem - Hometown:Washington, D.C. - Occupation:Chef, Owner - Background:Chef Will Raheem is the owner of the cooking page "goodwillcooking". He is from Washington DC and owns a meal prep and private chef business. He has been cooking with his mother ever since he was a child and that's how he developed a passion for the process. Having worked in the optics field for 18 years, when he lost his job due the coronavirus infection, he decided to pursue his passion as a full-time job. In relation to cooking, he is also a brand ambassador for several kitchen brands. Will says that the number one pleasure of cooking is to come up with recipes that makes use of the ingredients and create delicious dishes. Recipe for Hash Potatoes ●◯◯●◯◯●◯◯●◯◯● Hunger satisfaction 120%, perfect score volume, American classic dish ●◯◯●◯◯●◯◯●◯◯● 【Ingredients to prepare】 ❏ Red or brown potatoes) 4 nos. ❏ Sausage 170 - 230 g ❏ Bell pepper 1 no. ❏ Chopped onion 1 no. ❏ Chopped garlic. 1 no. ❏ Seasoned or normal salt 1/4 tsp ❏ Italian seasoning 1/4 tsp ❏ Eggs (large) 2 nos. ❏ Shredded cheddar cheese As reqd. ❏ Olive oil As reqd. 【Kitchen Tools Required】 ❏ Nonstick pan or skillet  2 nos. ❏ Knife. 1 no. ❏ Stirring spoon   1no.

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