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[Saturday, September 12th 17:30-19:00】Handmade Cavatelli pasta with zucchini pesto sauce

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※Order deadine: September 11 (Friday)15:00 JST ※This lesson will be conducted in English ※Includes English recipe ※Includes the ingredients list, necessary kitchen tools and English words list for the lesson 【Introduction of the Dish】 Cavatelli is a popular handmade pasta dish which is common in Sicily, Italy. It is a small pasta in the shape of a shell. It has a chewy and smooth texture and can be served with pesto sauce made from fresh zucchini. 【Chef Profile】 - Name:Annalisa Pompeo - Hometown:Sicily, Italy - Occupation:Chef, Entrepreneur - Background:Chef Annalisa Pompeo is an entrepreneur and the owner of the website, which offers a Sicilian cooking experience. Her entrepreneurial project “Go Sicily” can be defined in 3 words: cook, eat and explore. It was founded to appreciate and pass-down the flavors, places and traditions of the Sicily of the past. Combining the love of good food, the warm welcome of Sicily, and the desire to re-evaluate a territory rich in resources and culture is her speciality Recipe for Cavatelli with Zucchini Pesto ●◯◯●◯◯●◯◯●◯◯● Classic handmade pasta with zucchini pesto sauce ●◯◯●◯◯●◯◯●◯◯● 【Ingredients to prepare】 ▼For Cavatelli ❏ Semolina Flour 100 g per person ❏ Water 50 ml (approx.) ❏ Olive oil  1 tbsp ▼For Zucchini Pesto ❏ Zucchini (medium sized) 2 nos ❏ Garlic 4 cloves ❏ Mint leaves A few ❏ Extra virgin olive oil. As reqd. ❏ Salt and pepper As reqd. ❏ Roasted almonds 2 tbsp ❏ Grated parmesan cheese As reqd. ❏ Fresh basil leaves. A few 【Kitchen Tools Required】 ❏ Bowl ❏ Fork ❏ Knife ❏ Cooking pot ❏ Pan ❏ Blender

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